Our Guarantee

At Harmony IT Services we guarantee that we will do our job – making your decision risk free!

We Guarantee:

  1. Full Credit if we fail to fix a problem within the guaranteed response times

    –That’s right, if we fail to meet the response 100% of the time that we spend on that support job is FREE. You will never pay for a service which you don’t get

  2. A Fixed Price

    – We offer fixed price quotes on our projects. This means that projects are completed on budget, without any “surprise” or hidden fees. You know exactly where you stand and the project risk becomes ours, rather than yours.

  3. You will only pay once

    – If we don’t fix a problem first time you will not be charged for us to repair it again – we’ll fix it for free no matter what it takes.

  4. Hardware and Software Purchases

    – If we specify, procure and install hardware or software for you, and it doesn’t do the job we said it would, or if it ever goes down as a result of our error, oversight or fault, we’ll fix it free of charge no matter what it takes. That includes parts, labor, and anything else necessary including the pizzas!

Our guarantees are especially important when you realise that no other IT support company offers a guarantee as powerful as this.
We challenge you to find another IT Support company that is so clear and up-front about the guarantees they offer you – most don’t offer any guarantee at all. It means that there is no risk to you or your company when you do business with Harmony IT Services.
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    Don’t even think about calling a Computer Consultant before you read this!

    If you are a small business owner looking for computer support then it’s critical that you download and read this Free small business advisory: Choosing an Honest, Reliable and Competent IT Support Partner





    Contact Information

    Harmony IT Services Ltd.
    c/o Vision
    Saxon House
    27 Duke Street
    Essex, CM1 1HT
    T: 0845 450 4814
    E: info@harmony-it.net

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    Harmony IT Services provide a very personal and proactive IT Support Service and I have no hesitation recommending them.

    Jason Scott
    Resources Group