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According to the Norton Cyber Crime Report for 2011, 431 million adults worldwide were victims of cybercrime last year -the total cost of those crimes amounts to some $114 billion!

The scale of cybercrime is incredible and the threat continues to increase exponentially. This is a serious threat that affects everybody including businesses small and large. Hacking and Internet threats are continually in the news and we are up against a sophisticated and organised criminal industry.

Unfortunately antivirus software alone is no longer sufficient to protect your network and a multi-tiered approach to security is required. The Network Perimeter should be secure against attack. All machines must be updated regularly with any Service Packs or Security Updates. Email should be filtered before reaching the Network and fully updated Antivirus and Antimalware software should be on all machines with full scans undertaken regularly.

Ensuring that your network is secure must be a fundamental business objective and included in any support proposal that you consider.

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